DermaCare Study 1 DiarCare Study 1
DermaCare Study 2 DiarCare Study 2
DermaCare Study 3 DiarCare Study 3




GastriCare Study 1 GlucoCare Study 1
GastriCare Study 2 GlucoCare Study 2
GastriCare Study 3  




HeartCare Study 1 HemoCare Study 1
HeartCare Study 2 HemoCare Study 2
HeartCare Study 3 HemoCare Study 3




LaxaCare Study 1 LeanCare Study 1
LaxaCare Study 2 LeanCare Study 2
LaxaCare Study 3 LeanCare Study 3




MenoCare Study 1 MenstriCare Study 1
MenoCare Study 2 MenstriCare Study 2
MenoCare Study 3 MenstriCare Study 3




MindCare Study 1 Osteo Study 1
MindCare Study 2 Osteo Study 2
MindCare Study 3 Osteo Study 3




PartySmart Study 1 ProstaCare Study 1
PartySmart Study 2 ProstaCare Study 2
PartySmart Study 3 ProstaCare Study 3
PartySmart Study 4  




RespiCare Study 1 StressCare Study 1
RespiCare Study 2 StressCare Study 2
RespiCare Study 3 StressCare Study 3




UriCare Study 1 VeinCare Study 1
UriCare Study 2 VeinCare Study 2
UriCare Study 3 VeinCare Study 3


VigorCare For Men

VigorCare For Women

VigorCare For Men Study 1 VigorCare For Women Study 1
VigorCare For Men Study 2 VigorCare For Women Study 2
VigorCare For Men Study 3 VigorCare For Women Study 3





Arjuna Study 1 Ashwagandha Study 1
Arjuna Study 2 Ashwagandha Study 2
Arjuna Study 3 Ashwagandha Study 3


Gokshura (Tribulus)


Gokshura Study 1 Guggul Study 1
Gokshura Study 2 Guggul Study 2
Gokshura Study 3 Guggul Study 3




Neem Study 1 Shatavari Study 1
Neem Study 2 Shatavari Study 2
Neem Study 3  



Trikatu Study 1  
Trikatu Study 2  




Whitening Toothpaste – Simply Mint

Best toothpaste I have ever bought. It has a great feel while brushing and I have noticed my teeth look whiter. I have to honestly say I was skeptical about some of the reviews that claimed they’re teeth were getting whiter from using this toothpaste. But after about 3 weeks, my teeth are whiter. I will be using this toothpaste for a long time unless company changes the product or goes out of business or I have a bunch of cavities, lol. Thank you for this product!

Jan K

Purifying Neem Face Wash

I stumbled upon this product in my seemingly endless search for a more natural face wash for my acne prone skin, I simply wanted to share my opinion on this product as it has been a life-saver and a must-have in my skin care routine (I am not being compensated in any way to leave this review, just a happy customer). This product has a thick-gel consistency but is very smooth (non-exfoliating) and has a light, pleasant, and very clean smell. I absolutely LOVE this face wash because it leaves my skin feeling fantastically clean (removes makeup fairly well when I am too lazy to remove it first before cleansing) without leaving my skin feeling tight, dry or stripped. I have found it very difficult to find a gentle/natural cleanser that really cleans my pores without it being chemically or mechanically exfoliating, so this is a huge plus! This product works very well as a cleaner after rinsing the skin with warm water and gently massaging for a few minutes before rinsing clean. However one of my favorite ways to use this product is with my Mia 2 Clarisonic, it works perfectly with this device to get a deep clean feel and leaves my skin looking incredibly bright and even, I don’t even use foundation anymore! In terms of acne, I will say that when I use this product consistently (once in the morning and once at night) I do see a HUGE improvement in my skin tone and texture, and a definite decrease in the amount of breakouts I get. When I am having a bad skin day/week I will cleanse with this product, dry my skin, and then apply a thin layer to my problem areas and leave on overnight as a mask (this will dry out the skin a little and leave it feeling a little tight) but usually wake up with my problem areas healing much faster than they would on their own. Definitely one of the best face washes I’ve ever used and will continue to purchase, extremely HIGH-QUALITY product and amazingly cheap. This has become a staple in my skin care routine and I always make sure to have it on-hand.

Jared Knight

Liver Cleanse and Liver Detox

I have had problems with my liver for alcohol abuse. My liver enzymes AST and ALT were 10X the normal levels. I had ascites and internal bleeding. I started taking this product about 8 months ago along with working on my diet and a vigorous exercise routine. I don’t know if it’s this product specifically that helped but my liver performance is nearly normal today. I haven’t had an episode of ascites or any internal bleeding since. I had 5 parenthesis to drain my abdominal cavity and 5 bands put in my digestive track to stop bleeding. I was given a 2-3 year life expectancy. It’s truly a miracle to me. I highly recommend it

Jonathon Ross

StressCare Natural Stress Relief

I have been taking rhodiola rosea for several years in an effort to stabilize cortisol and stress levels. Rhodiola helped, a little. Then I saw this product — Himalaya StressCare — on Amazon and at first did not order it because the lengthy list of ingredients worried me a little, as most of them are not familiar herbs (my thinking was that there were numerous ingredients each with a potential for an allergic reaction). But I decided to try this, even though it is pricey. I signed up for Subscribe and Save which made the cost significantly better. I have to say I was quite surprised when I actually felt a benefit with the very first dose. A relaxed, alert, calm began within 20 minutes of taking this product. I am impressed. It actually works., I rest better, am in a good mood almost all of the time, and I have more energy during the day. I will keep buying it!

Mark Benedict

Purifying Neem & Turmeric Cleansing Bar

Been using this for a while and never want to use anything else. Fantastic smell — think of a cooler version of Irish Spring, less harsh, not “soapy” Some soaps [even Dove] make me sneeze; this one doesn’t. It provides a great treatment for your skin. Use it twice and you’ll be hooked. Soothes skin irritations rashes. I’m no Witch Doctor, but this soap even seems to accelerate the healing of wounds (minor cuts and scrapes). It’s may seem weird, but my skin actually feels good — silky smooth on the outside and nice — not itchy and scratchy — on the inside.


Turmeric 95 with Curcumin for Joint Support

These little guys are great. Sure you could make up your own capsule with turmeric from the grocery store, but this product has a standardized amount of curcuminoids added in addition to the whole turmeric. Currently researchers think that curcuminoids are the active ingredient fighting inflammation in Turmeric but aren’t sure if the whole root is need or not. Thus, the strategy of providing both the whole turmeric and the extracted curcuminoids covers all your bases (and the price is still quite low). I have problems with chronic allergies and rashes and have found that this stuff really does the trick, keeps down inflammation and as an added bonus it’s probably also reducing my risk for cancer as well.

Amanda Bork

Organic Ashwagandha

I bought this supplement after reading a lot about its anti-stress/adaptogenic properties. I didn’t expect huge results, but was hoping for some support in dealing with the physical manifestations of stress. To my surprise, it really has made a tangible difference in my body’s stress responses. And the added bonus, is increased energy levels–not like a caffeine high, but simply not wearing out so fast (especially in the afternoons).