Ready to hit the gym? The treadmill? Lacing up those running shoes? Here are a few easy, common-sense tips to turn every workout into a reason for fist bumps, whether you’re grabbing your yoga mat or headed to the fitness center.

Tip #1 – Stick to the Light Bite

Don’t sit down for a three-course meal, then head to the gym to work it off. Before your workout, stick to a light and healthier snack. Grab a natural granola bar (one that’s not coated in chocolate), find a new trail mix you like, or go to the store and pick a different variety of apple for every day of the week.

Tip #2 – Double Your Thirst Quenching

Good hydration changes everything. Before, during and after your workout, make sure you’re drinking enough water to keep your body fully fueled with H20. If you normally bring one bottle of water to the gym, start making it two. And have some more when you get home. Hydration matters.

Tip #3 – Build-In a Recovery Day

Sometimes the urge to reach a fitness goal or a number on the scale overwhelms our sense of soreness. Learn your body’s language and start determining when your muscles are just sore from a good workout the day before, or aching to the point where a day off is the wisest course of action. There’s nothing wrong with building in a rest day so you don’t overdo it.

Tip #4 –Try Boswellia for Range of Motion

Boswellia supports joint flexibility and range of motion, both essential components of a smooth workout. This gum resin from a robust tree of India, has been long known for joint support. Add two veggie caps of Himalaya Boswellia to your daily routine to supports normal joint fluid production too.

Tip #5 – Put Turmeric to Work

The bold yellow Turmeric root has brightened-up mustards and spiced-up curries for generations. Why not put it to work for you when you exercise? The curcuminoids in Himalaya Turmeric 95 aren’t just for aging. They include curcumin, which is famously known and clinically studied for joint support.

Grab Himalaya Boswellia and Turmeric 95 separately, or as part of Himalaya’s Curcumin Complete kit, a great monthly workout partner. Add some new life to your workout this year – and keep yourself healthy and moving!